To celebrate New Year's Eve in Auckland, New Zealand.


Baking, hiking, watching HBO, and spending time with my tabby cat, Rufus.

Allison Faber

Junior Engineer


Allison is a recent 2019 graduate of Clarkson University. There she received a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, along with a minor in Mathematics and a concentration in Construction Engineering Management. At Clarkson, she worked on many projects; her favorite was developing a plan for the Narrowsburg Bridge in Pennsylvania to meet a Bronze Award under the Envision Rating System. In her undergrad career, she has had two summer internships with the Ocean County Engineering Department in her home state of New Jersey. There she gained experience with GIS, MicroStation, and HCS McTrans. Her projects covered the scopes of roadway design, pedestrian access, and timing directives of County traffic lights. Allison is looking forward to her new place here at SRF Associates as a junior traffic engineer. For the past two years, Allison has narrowed down her engineering passion towards traffic and transportation with hopes of making the western New York community safe and efficient for all traveling matters.

Allison Faber

Became a vegetarian on my first day of college.

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