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our projects

City centre
Ithaca, NY

Multi-Modal Transportation Impact Study

labatt house at 79 Perry street
Buffalo, NY

Transportation Demand Management Plan

Webster cap study
Webster, NY

Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking Study, Traffic Impact Analysis, Transportation Planning, Community Engagement, Concept Designs

bike share feasibility study
Rochester, NY

Transportation Planning, Community Engagement

victor csd Campus study
Victor, NY

Transportation Planning, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Cost Estimates

vulnerable user safety assessment
Genesee Transportation Council

Vulnerable User Safety Analysis,

Spatial Analysis, Roadway Safety Audits, GIS Mapping

whole foods
Rochester, NY

Traffic Impact Study,Signal Design, Access Management Plan, Community Engagement, Concept Designs

golisano autism center
Rochester, NY

Traffic Impact Study

rit active transportation
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Active Transportation Consulting Services

business route 62 corridor study
Sharon and Hermitage, PA

Transportation Planning, Corridor Study, Access Management, Traffic Analysis, Crash Investigations, Community Engagement, GIS Mapping, Cost Estimates

chain works district
Ithaca, NY

Multi-Modal Transportation Impact Study, Transportation Demand Management, Community Engagement

pulteney street transformational corridor study
Corning, NY

Corridor Study, Traffic Impact Analysis, Pedestrian Planning

red light camera safety study
Rochester, NY

Crash Investigation Analysis, GIS Mapping

traffic circulation and safety study
Scottsville, NY

Multi-Modal Transportation Impact Study, Transportation Planning, Active Transportation Plan, Crash Investgation, Concept Designs, Community Engagement

trumansburg csd campus study
Trumansburg, NY

Transportation Planning, Concept Design

rochester bicycle master plan
Rochester, NY

Active Transportation Planning, Community Engagement, GIS Mapping

Pittsford active transportation plan
Town and Village of Pittsford, NY

Active Transportation Planning, Community Engagement, GIS Mapping

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